The Dinner Table

This is a photo of our Sunday night dinner.  It consists of fresh wild salmon with brown seaweed and ginger, a fresh seasonal fruit salad and fresh strawberries – all from our local Farmers Market!


We eat the fattiest cuts of salmon we can find because we love the high concentration of Omega 3’s for brain and body balance.  We also add cold pressed sesame oil and sprouted sesame seeds to the seaweed for added taste, fat and nutrients.  Seaweed is great for hair and overall bodily support.  The ginger is fermented and adds great flavor – it is also a wonderful digestive aid.   I also added a tall glass of whole raw milk from grass-fed cows for even more good fats, nutrients, and friendly bacteria for seamless digestion and assimilation of everything.

The fruit is the sweet part of the meal.  It is pesticide free and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.  It is all local and in season for optimal taste and nutritional value!

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  1. Steve Kishishita
    August 3, 2009

    Your a great source of inspiration to me. Its the little things like this that make my day week month year life.. I sort of feel that we live life to leave an imprint and not to some place where the streets are paved of gold.


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