The Gift

The Gift

If you insist on worshipping guilty illusions that crop up in the world, humans will appear filthy and atrocious in your sight. 
That will make you feel angry and disgusted, and as long as you allow those feelings to rule your mind you will be made to work very hard try and attain the innocence that you thought you lost.
But innocence cannot ever be lost. It's only been an ignorant and fearful journey in thought that has led to the hellish manifestations that appear in the world. 
There's no work that has to be done by you to correct the world. The manifest world is the working of consciousness, and people are part of that puppets on strings. 
There are no individuals doing things...although that is a very convincing illusion. 
Turn your gaze again and again toward the peace and innocence that's the core of who you are...this will purify your mind, and pure action will naturally become the gift that you share with the world. 
Thank you for the Gift of You! I love you!

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