The Rhythm of Deliberate Creation

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The Universe is constantly expanding, undulating and flowing to the harmony of the countless rhythmic patterns that resist and attract one another as necessary to maintain the delicate balance that makes anything and everything possible.  Even that which appears to be chaos is in perfect harmonic accord with the whole of existence.

Universal intelligence is limitless possibilities existing as rhythmic vibratory patterns with the potential to manifest everything seen and unseen, known and unknown.  Conscious energy is the impulse that creates every action, and every action attracts a reaction – all of which occur in perfect harmony with the Universal flow.

In the material world, conscious energy expresses itself as thought, which is projected through the filter of mind and memory.  Our thought-based focus determines the rhythmic patterns we project through our material form, which in turn causes possibilities that harmonize with that rhythm to manifest.

Inner rhythm is the subtle voice of spirit, constantly calling us to become more that what we already know. To the extent that our thought-based energy is in harmony with our inner rhythm, we experience peace of mind.

Conversely, when our thoughts are rhythmically dissonant to our inner rhythm, we feel like something is out of order or in need of “fixing”.  While nothing can ever remove us from being within the harmonic flow of Universal order, to the extent that we believe thoughts of limitation, we experience complete chaos.

But there are no missteps, and nothing is ever out of order. Anything that we humans label as unwanted, bad or wrong is only based on our mental perception of the reality that consciousness has created, and which it continues to create based upon our perception from moment to moment.

Our power of deliberate creation is in our ability to recognize our inner rhythm and to choose the thoughts that harmonize with it. For whatever we seek to change or improve in our experience, we have only to focus on our new perspective with the belief that it is being created, and that belief attracts the possibilities that manifest accordingly.

Since having a life experience means we are constantly subject to sensory influences that cause the connection between the ego mind and our inner rhythm to become distorted or disconnected, it helps to employ a daily practice to develop and strengthen inner focus. Regular practice also creates a habit of mental discernment as to which thoughts support the direction of spirit as it expresses through inner rhythm.

Some effective tools for re-establishing and reinforcing mind/body connection and mental discernment are dance, art, music, martial arts, yoga (especially the practices Kundalini and Dahn), and meditation.

Clear your mind, find your rhythm and deliberately choose thoughts that resonate with possibilities that glorify yourself as an integral part of everything.

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