The "Sword" of God

The material self is nothing but energy projecting form. That energy is the source of all awareness and the creator of every individual reality. Our true identity is the energy behind the projection of form, while the material body and personality represent that energy as it has been filtered by ego (individual sense of self) through the layers of mind.

Energy creates every individual form out of nothing but thought, and energy experiences this time-space reality through the individual’s awareness – even the blade of grass is a depiction of energy having an experience from that perspective. The creator aka God is not separate from any individual field of awareness (energy projecting a life form), so in essence every individual is God – both having a unique experience through their perception and projecting for the future with every thought.

Peace is the expression of Love, and Love is the essence of God. Biblical references to the sword of God are parables that point to the death and destruction humans create by continually following thoughts of dissatisfaction. These thoughts separate our awareness from the essence of God, and in Aramaic (the original language of the bible) that separation is the definition of “sin”. “Sinful” thoughts command the creative force to manifest every variation of what we perceive as punishment or dis-ease in the world.

All is created by God – thus all killing, starvation, cancer and other disturbances perceived in the world are also the action of God – which is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. In this regard, it’s the responsibility of every individual to keep imagining the reality that they desire and stay focused thereby in order to shift the energy of the creative force in the direction of the Soul’s desire to experience its true essence.

It takes great courage to project thoughts of peace in the midst of perceived chaos, but each of us embodies the source of all power; and as we become more expressive of that power, Peace and Love are created through the particulars of our lives – giving evidence that we are walking the path of the eternal Self – and no longer creating from mental limitation.

There is nothing to do but follow but the soul’s subtle guidance toward stillness – delivered through feeling – where individual awareness is merged with Godliness and eternal peace prevails. We are truly blessed!

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