Desired Relationships

Your relations with other people are a mirror reflection of the relationship between your mind-made self and the desires you have set in motion through your life experience. In this way, your experiences of others are designed to help you define your heart’s desires and move into alignment/relational harmony with them.

To the extent you deny your desires for whatever reason, you experience emotional turmoil in your self and in your relationships. But when you get clear about what you desire in a relationship partner, with willingness to make those desires known, and without expectation that they will be fulfilled by any person in particular – you create a new momentum that moves you toward the relationships you desire.

In this regard, y0u’re invited to name the relational qualities you desire, speak them loud and clear, and then keep noticing without re-believing thoughts about what anybody should be doing for you or giving you, thoughts about how long any relationship should last and thoughts that say you can’t have what you truly desire.

In the moment you practice this awareness, your mind-made self is being transmuted into vibrational alignment with your desires – which automatically reflects as more harmony, satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships with everybody and everything.




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