Twin Flame

What’s called the ‘twin flame’ or ‘soul mate’ is just another mental concept, and chasing mental concepts is a setup for suffering.

Every person in your experience is your own reflection…To the extent you project fulfillment in your own beingness, people appear to reflect that back to you. If your desire is a close one on one connection, a person appears to fulfill that desire – but only to the extent you are projecting fulfillment without them.

Likewise, to the extent you think you need another person to fulfill you – people appear as reminders that there’s no fulfillment to be found ‘out there’. Sometimes what you call a ‘special’ person may come along for a while, and eventually leave you disillusioned because they can only reflect your own lack of fulfillment.

So how to project fulfillment in your own beingness? Simply notice when you’re chasing ideas that ANY person can make your life better, easier or more fulfilled…and focus on your breath. In this way, you can come to enjoy this moment exactly as it is – even if that means enjoying your imagination of how it feels to be adored by another person right now.

In the moment of sincere enjoyment – fulfillment is your projection – and your self becomes like a magnet for people who desire to share that enjoyment with you.

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