Universal Drug Dealing

DrugsThis is not a Conservative or Liberal issue – it is about people being taken advantage of by the media, politicians, big food and big pharmaceutical – all of whom profit from our mindless following of their drug agenda.

Nobody who truly needs medical care is denied it in the United States.  It is already unlawful for hospitals to turn anyone away for inability to pay, State medical aid is presently available  in nearly every state for people who are below a certain level of income, and private charities pick up the rest of the slack.

Despite this, many of us have been conditioned to believe that we are allowing low income Americans to die off for lack of medical care.  News programs broadcast about how terrible it is that so many people are not getting the “treatments” they need –  then they cut to a commercial about the newest miracle drug that will supposedly make you feel much happier than you feel right now.  It’s brainwashing between the brainwashing!

Broken bones and necessary surgeries are minimal compared with all the damaging drugs and harmful surgeries that are running up healthcare costs and weakening our vitality. “Conditions” are made up by the medical community to identify what is really an imbalance.  They address imbalances by creating more imbalances with drugs and unnecessary surgery.

It starts as children – parents entrust their children’s health to corporate greed by allowing government recommended immunization drugs to be injected directly into their small bodies from the time they are born.  When children suffer side effects from those immunizations, they are brought back to the doctor for some more drugs which cause more side effects.  This continues throughout the course of their lives unless they become conscious of what is being done and decide to break the cycle.

We’ve been well trained to take over the counter or prescription drugs whenever we don’t feel well.  If we consult a medical doctor for our illness, tests are performed which usually indicate that some level does not fall within the range considered “normal”.

From there they consult their black book which dictates which drug or drugs to prescribe.  After we have been on several drugs, and they stop masking the symptoms, doctors resort to surgery to attempt to cut the problem out.  Then we have a bigger problem which requires more drugs, and the cycle repeats itself.

When we are suffering from depression, dread, lethargy or other symptoms of unresolved emotion, instead of dealing with the shadows in our minds, we turn to medicine for a cure.  The prescribed drugs return us to being “productive” zombies who serve the powers that be – basically working to grow our government and enrich giant corporations and the politicians who cater to them.

The definition of drug addict is “a person with a chemical or psychological dependency on a drug”.   Since many of us have been conditioned by media and medical doctors – who are largely influenced by pharmaceutical companies – most of society will only apply this definition to people who use street drugs.

It’s presently commonplace for more than 50% of Americans to take powerful prescription drugs on a daily basis because we are convinced that we need them in order to feel good and/or be healthy.  We are very much addicted to drugs that are not only expensive, but cause side effects that create the “necessity” for more drugs.

Now that we have become a largely processed food addicted, drug dependent society, many of us are practically begging the government to be our codependent, and take more of the money we earn to pay for our addiction while further enriching politicians and corporate giants.  We boldly claim entitlement to our medicine because we really believe that only it can provide the quality of life that we deserve.

The truth is that “medicine” does not cure anything.  It actually promotes the proliferation of illness while providing temporary comfort.  What has been labeled a health care crisis is really a drug dependency crisis.

Our hands our not tied in this.  Each of us can start doing our part now to stop this crisis, decrease the size of government, and increase the health of Americans.  If you or someone you love is currently taking any kind of medical drug whether over the counter or prescription – stop taking them now!

If you believe that your health will deteriorate without the drug or that stopping could be dangerous, seek help from a practitioner who can help your body heal itself by bringing your energy back into balance.  These specialists focus on getting you feeling great while eliminating drug dependency. Check the following links to find one near you: NET Mind Body / NeuromodulationNeurolink.

If you are considering getting any immunizations for yourself or for your children, educate yourself.  You will most likely find that the risks far outweigh the benefits of immunization.  Please visit Think Twice.

Also of great importance is to buy as little food manufactured by large corporations as possible.  Shop at local farmers markets or small stores that cater to artisan farmers instead.   Check out this link to find a local farmers market near you:  Local Harvest.  For meat and dairy, the highest quality products can be found here: US Wellness Meats – they offer 100% grass-fed products – their dairy is unpasteurized and their meat has not been irradiated.

Our health is now and has always been in our own hands.  When we realize this, we will have the reform we need without resorting to our own enslavement through governmental control and higher taxes.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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  1. Nita
    September 14, 2009

    Yes, the majority of disease is preventable through lifestyle changes. But it is naive to think that our health is completely in our own hands. Two first hand examples: 1)My uncle had just turned 50. He looked more like 40. One day he left his office for an afternoon run on his lunch hour. Before leaving he ate a banana and some raisins. When he got back form his run he collapsed. He had brain cancer. With insurance he paid 3,000 a month for his medications. 2) While leaving for work one day my husband stepped off the back porch, slipped and blew out his ACL. The surgery was about $30k. Luckily we had good insurance and he had disclosed a childhood injury to that same knee when we applied. But if he had forgotten about it the ins. co could have denied our claim. (We are self employed and must carry a private policy, meaning the insurance company can cancel us at any time for really any reason they care to make up) He was out of work for 10 months but we made it through. But this was not an injury due to lifestyle. It was bad luck.

    Yes, an emergency room can not refuse to treat you if you do not have insurance. But that is one reason why we are paying so much for medical care. We swamp our emergency rooms. Putting of preventative care until it turns into an emergency.

    Health reform is not a low income issue, it is a middle class issue. Yes, there are plenty of programs out there for low income families and for children. But to assume that health care is not denied because of a lack of ability to pay is nonsensical. In this country 62% of all bankruptcies are related to health care costs. Of those 80% had insurance. Just think what a 62% reduction in bankruptcies could do for our economy!

    Living a healthy lifestyle is important. I see a holistic MD and he is wonderful. But I still need insurance just in case. And right now the insurance companies are denying care to thousands of their paying customers. In fact Blue Cross has over a million dollars in fines owed to California for denying care. And they have so much money that the state cannot afford to fight them in court to enforce the fines. They have so much money they have bought our politicians and our media. I am far more afraid of them than I am of our government. Our is not perfect but it is the same government that provides us with defense, a fire department, a public school system, clean water, and roads and bridges. The preamble to the Constitution includes “promote the general Welfare” and this is what it’s talking about.

    1. Hope Johnson
      September 27, 2009

      Our health IS entirely in our hands. If we didn’t follow conventional protocol for creating illness, we wouldn’t think we needed $3,000 worth of medical drugs to wage war on our own bodies, and if we didn’t think that we needed insurance, surgeries and drugs would not be so expensive. It’s we who created the current healthcare crisis through our own fear, and getting government to pay for it with our money will just enslave us to the system of power that has been created and supported by fear.

      It’s a good point you make about emergency rooms being swamped by people who don’t have insurance. If it’s all “free”, you can expect every doctors office to be just as swamped. It’s just as well because we really don’t need preventative care. What is preventative care but a search for health issues that present a need for pharmaceutical drugs? We undergo radiation which causes disease in order to look for disease – it seems ridiculous.

      Health reform is an issue for every person, and until we stop eating the mass produced food sold at conventional grocery stores, taking pharmaceutical drugs, and believing that we are not the sole keepers of our health – we do not have real reform.

      We only NEED insurance because we are afraid. If we had no fear, we would not attract circumstances that presented evidence to us that we really did need that insurance. Besides, if we didn’t have insurance and didn’t rely on medication for a cure, average health care costs would only be a percentage of what people now pay for insurance.

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