Vaccinations and Control

My family does not take vaccinations, we are not afraid of sick or diseased people, and we do not struggle with any serious illness.  In fact, even though we don’t use medication – our version of cold and flu is milder and shorter lived than those experienced by our more conventional friends.

It’s easy to see why so many of us still believe that our immunity can be enhanced artificially.  After all, we have been conditioned since our youth to believe medical doctors and scientists are the keepers of our health.

Corporate America has been feeding us a diet of fear, processed foods and drugs for a long time.  Some of us even believe that vaccinations are effective while also believing that contact with an unvaccinated person will cause a vaccinated person to become infected.  This notion instills fear and distrust of each other, and is just another way to promote more control for those in power.

The consensus that vaccines are able to ward off illness and disease really is just a paradigm of fear. It is fear in combination with the action of vaccines and denatured food that result in what we know as “incurable” disease.

The truth is that immunizations work to deteriorate, not enhance overall immune function.  While they can sometimes ward off a particular type of illness, vaccines are mostly ineffective and harmful to our bodies.

Whether or not we choose to vaccinate is a personal decision and one that may be competently made by anyone based on their own research and intuition.  But whatever we choose as individuals, we do not need government/corporations mandating our choices for anyone else.

Governmental support and promotion of vaccination is a blatant conflict of interest.  While we’re supposedly promoting a “war on drugs”, legal drugs are being pushed on us in order to keep us sick and dependent on government.

We the People have essentially become like peasants of Corporate America.   But the power of change is within each of us.  As more of us become aware that we are not victims, we will have fewer villains.

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