Visualization to Cultivate Joy, Excitement and Intimacy in Relationships

The more often the mind is trained toward higher vibrational thoughts, the less lower vibrational thoughts tend to influence consciousness. Considering that every life-time is essentially a collection of thought, the following method can be a powerful tool for transcending unconscious thought patterns that manifest as dissatisfaction in romantic relationship.

For 28 days, set aside 5-15 minutes (or longer if you desire) twice per day every day to practice this method, and you will have cultivated habits of thought that lead in the direction of the Love relationship that meets your deepest desires.

Begin by sitting comfortably or lying down. Breathe long and light through the nose while thinking the sound ‘Sat’ on the inhale and ‘Nam’ on the exhale (the phrase means true identity). If you are more comfortable with another meditative mantra, please use that one. The point is to relax the body and mind.

After a few breaths, mentally scan  your body and relax any remaining tension. Now, in your mind’s eye, start to imagine your self in a serene and relaxed setting with your beloved by your side.

Now imagine that you and your beloved share a relationship that is a complete expression of your deepest desires for joy, excitement, intimacy and deep interpersonal connection. Allow your self to feel pleasure as you imagine all the ways in which your desires are manifested through your beloved.

See if you can get all of your senses involved. What do you smell, hear, taste, see and physically feel?

Stay here for awhile, just basking in the deliciousness of feeling adored, honored, desired and worthy of all that you desire. Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy the details of your creative relationship.

If you feel comfortable petting and/or pleasuring your self, you are encouraged to so as you continue to imagine, breathe and delve deeper into this blissful state. Sexual energy is very powerful, and whether the desires you focus upon during this visualization involve sexuality or not – the more joy, excitement and intimacy you are able to create during this process – the more effective it will work in your life.

If any thoughts arise that contradict the feeling you intend to cultivate during this time, gently let them go and redirect your imagination back toward enjoyment.

At the close of each visualization session, allow your self to feel appreciation for the creativity that commands your experience of Life, and know that the creative energy you projected during this visualization is working for you now.


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