We Are All Worthy

Doorway to HeavenWe are one with God and one with love.  We were not put on Earth by a separate spiritual entity to prove our worthiness through worship and enduring hardships.

As conscious parts of the same divine spirit, our awareness is focused here to experience joy, put forth our perspective for even greater joy, and to realize peace aka heaven right here on Earth.  The most common religious belief systems hold that we are separate from God, a  chosen messiah, each other, and The Devil.

In fact, most religious groups promote the opposite of peace through the belief that their members are closer to God than the “other” groups, belief systems and religions.  This righteousness causes us to look down on those who do not believe like us, or try to convert them to our way of thinking in order to “save” them.

The common belief system taught by religious groups serves those groups and ensures more power for them, but does very little to promote peace because it is fear based.  God is available to all of us and can be felt whenever we let go of self limiting beliefs. Those self limiting beliefs are truly “The Devil” because they create a feeling of separation from God, which is synonymous with love, each other and everything.

In this way, The Devil is not so much an evil entity or an entity at all.  It is the feeling created when we believe thoughts that do not agree with the true essence of our being.  From that feeling we create a life experience that falls short of the joy we were meant to realize through our physically focused senses.

Unwanted life circumstances are a culmination of our own limiting beliefs, and basically the manifestation of “evil”.  However, “The Devil” and “evil” should not have a negative connotation – they are simply instructive as to the proximity of our thoughts to the true essence of our being.

No matter how much or how many times we believe thoughts that evoke “The Devil” within us or unwanted events in our lives, the core of our being is always pure love, and because of this – each of us is always equally worthy of the kingdom of heaven.

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  1. Danielle Cavallucci
    October 19, 2009

    Hope – Thank you for the simple expression of a fundamental truth. I trust you and your readers probably already know that the original translation of ‘sin’ is ‘separation from God’!


    1. Hope Johnson
      October 22, 2009

      Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for your comment! I was not aware of the original translation of “sin” – your input is much appreciated.

      Love Hope


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