Wisdom Dialogues January 24th, 2007

Wisdom Dialogues January 24th, 2007

Online Question & Answer Session with Hope Johnson. To be invited to join live, please join my Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/wisdomdialogues

Some questions that were addressed during this session:

- I've sat with these feelings of anger and resentment, but they keep coming up. How can I be free of them once and for all?

- My body feels unwell and it seems to be because of my diet. Thoughts keep coming about how I should change my diet and it sounds good at the time, but I can't seem to control what I'm eating. How can I be with this in a powerful way?

- It feels like I know all that I need to know spiritually, but arguments come up and I seem to get sucked into the illusion. Why doesn't the information stick for me?

- I have a tenant who keeps smoking in her cabin even though I asked her not to. I don't want to kick her out, but I want her to smoke outside. I keep catching her smoking in the cabin and I'd like some clarity around this.

- I'm feeling very frustrated that Donald Trump is president. He's an example of everything I despise in the world. Can you help me to understand why I feel so disconnected when I think about him?

- My child doesn't want to go to school and it's such a chore for us to make her go to school and do her homework. How can I honor family's direction and not worry about our child growing up to be a dumbass?

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