Without a Doubt

Without a Doubt

The creative principal loves you because you are really its source. Everything is because of you, and everything arises to serve you. 
Love is returned to the creative principal in the form of attention and is instantly made manifest in the world of mind. 
Attention to illusions makes more illusions, but attention to the unchanging witness of all happenings relieves all matters of discontent, struggle and suffering. 
Nobody has to struggle, suffer or experience discontent...
But the fact is that confused mind wants the mind's world and not reality. It jealously refuses to give itself over to the creative principal for fear of losing its identity....an identity which is only fleeting and that will surely die. 
Indeed, it's impossible to see from the perspective of a person that eternal life is way more valuable than the little life that's passing on the screen of consciousness.
It's the one who knows the personal perspective that knows no doubt. That one is truly your Self. 
Thank you for being undeniably who you are! I love you!

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