Working Mother

Working two jobs (when you’d rather do something else) to put kids through college is not only acting from ego on mother’s part, but it teaches her kids to struggle through, instead of create their lives.

Specifically, the mother is denying her higher Self for many years expecting to control a future outcome for her kids in the belief that her kids are not likely to succeed unless she sacrifices herself. At best, this brand of self importance sets the stage for pride – but more often disappoint and resentment become the mother’s predominant vibratory offering. During the time she spends denying her soul, the mother‘s energetic offering is paving the way for more struggle and hardship not only for herself – but for everyone else.

Moreover, it teaches her kids that in order for one to have success, another must suffer; and it gives them a sense that they are superior with a degree and inferior without one. These egocentric beliefs are the underlying cause of much struggle, depression, and emotional challenge in our society today. Confining powerful creators to these self limiting beliefs is the reason so many people are dependent on psychiatric and other drugs these days.

In reality, our power is our creativity. Teach kids to rely on their powerful Self, and to follow the pure Light within them instead the mind conceived methods of success that can only succeed in disconnecting us more from ourselves and from each other.

Our greatest gift is our energy, and the only time is NOW. Let your spirit prevail and bless everything through your very presence.

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