Yearning for something better than what is HereNow perpetuates suffering in your world.

Whether the movement of your thought is motivated by the promise of a dimension that you think will be better than the one you think you’re in; or you think that a spiritual being outside of you will one day whisk you off to an ethereal place – these thoughts are based on beliefs that keep you apart from this moment – the only place and time that consciousness can enter.

Life is already as ‘good’ as it gets. It’s only your judgment that makes it appear as if there is something lacking, and no matter what material changes occur, until you release that judgment, there will always be something lacking in your perception.

Things and people should not be anything other than as they are. Thought about what ‘should be’ is a form of desire that has been distorted by ignorance – born out of the false idea that something or someOne can be wrong – and always leads to the perception of more wrong.

The only thing to shift is perception, and being conscious of thoughts about what ‘should be’ while remaining focused on the Truth will lead you there.

Desires spring from you automatically, but they do not define you. It’s only individual identification with desire that creates yearning, and suffering as a result thereof.

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