You Control Nothing

You, in and of your mind-made self Control Nothing, not even your own self. In every moment, All Movement is arranged and controlled by the Collective Mind, based on all perceptions that have led up to that moment.

In this way, your creativity lies ONLY in how you respond to ‘reality’ as it crosses the screen of awareness – even if your response is re-believing a perceived need for control. To the extent you’ve been believing thoughts that anything can be controlled, the mind is Now showing you evidence of things that need to be controlled.

But in the moment you give up the illusion of control, you allow your self to be driven by the part of You that’s capable of bringing about All of your heartfelt desires. If you’re willing to give up the illusion of control, just watch the mind as it moves into the idea of controlling anything, and give yourself permission to RELAX.

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