You Don’t Know Better

You Don’t Know Better

You don't really know better than anyOne. Your world is only a reflection of your thought created self, and your worldly wisdom is nothing but a collection of self judgment that you have picked up along your unique journey through this and previous lifetimes.

The need to influence or control the actions of any person 'for their own good' is the mind's way of projecting repressed pain around your perceived past failures and worries about your impending failures onto the 'others' in your world. By directing your energy toward the betterment of any person, layers are added to the mental smokescreen that keeps you 'safe' from that which ego (energy of fear) has deemed too painful for you to observe.

When the urge to control or influence anyOne comes up, and you choose instead to allow space for the One to experience another perspective without interference, you open the mind to receive healing for the emotional pain that's been keeping your energy bound to the endless cycle of perceived failure and repression/control.

You help the other (who is really you) immensely when you release your personal ideas about what they 'should' and 'shouldn't do, because this allows acceptance to rise through your personality and become your dominant expression.  Acceptance eases the ego's grip on fearful concepts, so that patterns of pain that lurk in the recesses of mind may be observed by You, and thus dissolved.

As your personal pain dissolves, freedom prevails in your world, and the other perspectives within your field of influence are invited to evolve accordingly.

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5 Responses to You Don’t Know Better

  • Brilliant article, Hope!
    Everything is unfolding perfectly, everyone is doing just what they will. In other words, It’s all ‘good’!
    AND yes! I can feel the misalignment creep up on me (to allow alignment an opportunity) when I venture toward “shoulding”, arguing with life, controlling, protesting etc . It’s a pleasure to read your words and feel a resonant chord as I know your sharing comes with out an attachment to outcome. That is something I notice and appreciate. It feels like freedom, my friend!

    • thewaytoTheWay says:

      I appreciate sharing with you, Angelina. What a pleasure it is to be understood. <3

      Attachment to outcome always creeps back in through the doorway of delusion. It’s so wonderful to be able to see the signs of delusion, like the ‘should’ mindset, and decide to remember the Truth. Consciousness is such a powerful and fun tool of freedom that is available to All anytime, anywhere!

      Mahaloha my lovely friend!!

  • Savina says:

    Wow, what a profound message. It has touched my soul. thank you.

  • Great post. Attempting to take away someone else’s power and responsibility and try to control them is pointless. I like the saying, “We are only responsible on this planet for everything we think, say or do.” Keep up the good writing!

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