You – The Only Perceiver

You – The Only Perceiver

You are the only perceiver in your world. You alone give meaning to all that you perceive, which forms and re-forms your beliefs.

Your world is constantly evolving based on the evolution of your own beliefs. Thus, believing that ‘evil’ exists makes it true for you, and it becomes your projection for the evolution of your world.

The more you project for anything, the more you will notice it in your experience. Thus, believing that ‘evil’ exists and that you are NOT evil creates your world as such that your self image may be ‘proven’ both ‘right’ and ‘righteous in your own eyes – but it actually creates more of what you have labeled ‘evil’.

The heart chakra (energy center) is the conduit for God consciousness to penetrate the mind and create peace therein. To the extent one holds fearful beliefs – like the one about ‘evil’ being real – that Divine conduit is constricted and ignorance (pain, suffering, dis-ease) prevails.

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