Rewrite the Story of Your Life

We are always becoming according to the story we are telling about ourselves. Every thought pattern and string of words in conversation is a prayer for the type of information that we are being created to receive.

According to what we think we can be, do or have, every cell in the body and brain become receptive to the information in our environment that will prepare us to receive what we have projected for. Through focus upon what brings Joy to the heart and the feeling of Loving energy with heartfelt desire, the cells of the body move into energetic alignment with that desire.

Through being in alignment with Joy, we become receptive to the unlimited opportunities that can lead us to the manifestation of what we want.  But when we are focused on anything that evokes a feeling that is less than Joyful, we align ourselves with the possibilities that lead to manifestations we would perceive with a similar feeling.

When our perception of life circumstances causes our energetic offering to be less than Joyful, we can gently shift our energy back by dismissing circumstantial limitations and returning our focus to what we want.  Likewise, when our minds are involved in calculations about how we will accomplish things, we can gently remind ourselves that “how” is not our business.

Our actions only follow our energy, and every action is induced by our energy based upon the feelings that emanate from the story we tell about ourselves. To the extent that we have knowledge aka faith that every one of our desires is being honored by the Universe, our energy aligns with the information that leads us there.

However, since most of us tell a story that includes many reasons why we cannot create what we truly want, we mostly receive and act upon information that leads to confirmation of that story.

Similarly, when we try to use the mind to figure out how to get there or we try to manipulate outcomes in our favor, we make ourselves receptive to information that leads to a lot of hard work, manipulation and struggle. While this may lead to fulfillment of our desires, it is much more difficult and never leads to a lasting experience of Joy.

Moreover, since our desires are always changing, the vision gets lost in the details when we try to achieve from the level of mind.   In order to be the creators we were born to be, we have only to align our thoughts with what feels Joyful in the present moment, be alert to opportunities for action that feels Joyful, and have the courage to act on those opportunities.

Our bodies and minds are only tools for the creativity of spirit, so submit yourself to your higher power and prevail!!

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